SOLAR ECLIPSE 2 Channel Distortion Pedal

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We teamed up with Legendary HEX amps engineer – Ned Clayton for this one. Its our own unique 2 Channel Distortion circuit we call the SOLAR ECLIPSE. The Dark channel which is setup asymmetrical (dipping into fuzz territory) is thick, gnarled and wooly. While the Bright channel has standard clipping, both with a metric fuck ton of gain! Adjust the Balance knob for more/less of either channel. The combination of silicon diode clipping is really what makes this thing unique, and it’ll do everything from dirt to heavy searing distortion. Volume knob cranked = LOUD.

New Artwork by Gabriel Danilchik @archangelimpressions

Video & Music by Rithiya Khiev (RHK Studios)

Assembly by Rob Hargrave (Huber Effects)

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Weight 11.9 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 4.25 × 3.25 in
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1 review for SOLAR ECLIPSE 2 Channel Distortion Pedal

  1. Le Sainte (verified owner)


    I’ve had this pedal for quite some time now and I’m blown away.

    My gain staging looks like this:

    Guitar > EQD Special Cranker > Solar Eclipse > Victory Duchess V4

    So basically running an overdrive into the Solar Eclipse and that into a clean amp.

    I can confirm that this SCREAMS and does all the modern metal chugs and squeals on the bright channel while being very nasty and doomy on the dark side.

    I think the description “Dipping into fuzz” is very accurate. It’s definitely not quite a fuzz, but very close.

    The real beauty lies in the blend knob. There are so many tones available. I couldn’t possibly be happier with this pedal.

    This is a truly unique circuit and you won’t find anything else like it.

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