About Black Harbor

Black Harbor is a Crew of musicians on a mission to make some waves. Our goal with each of our products is to offer you something that will help improve your sound, and offer you apparel and lifestyle products you can call your own.

If you ask anyone who knows any one of us, we’ve always been about the music and the local people driving it. Whether its been gigging locally, internationally, owning a string company or owning a record label. We’ve been there…on the streets, making it happen.

Most of us have been in bands since middle school and have always been anti-corporate and against the grain. That’s why we reward you, as the artist to help get the word out. So check out our Artist Program for more info on sharing Black Harbor!

So here we are, making a company “For Musicians, By Musicians”. We don’t have cheap generic strings to get you by, we offer niche metal compounds for your specific playing style. All of our other products are the same way, and always will be…for you, the musician.


Want to know more about one of our products, have a question about your order, or just want to talk shop? We respond as soon as we can based on inquiry volume.