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Bio :

DIZYGOTE are a guitar and drums metal duo from Cape Coral, FL. Ned is a disciple of classic punk and all things loud and heavy, while E dabbles with the technicalities of prog and newer metal genres. Their sound is a riot of sludge, doom, punk, thrash and prog.

Both are multi-instrumentalists. For decades, Ned has played in punk, country, bluegrass and garage bands. Knowing the difficulty in finding a good, reliable drummer, Ned played the long game and made one then waited patiently. At age 11, E was ready and the two of them began the seeds of what is now Dizygote. Now, Ethan (age 17) is a superhuman musical force of nature.

It is challenging to describe DIZYGOTE’s sound. Close your eyes and they sound like 4 people. Big, loud, detuned, fat slabs of riffs and bombastic drumming is characteristic of each song. Sometimes the vocals carry the melody, while other times the two of them attack the mic with destructive ferocity. Sometimes it’s so sludgy you need hip waders, while other times it will peel the paint off the walls. They take great pains to write lyrics that appeal to the 99% - commenting on social inequality and a call to arms.

Their Desert Records debut, "Fathoms", is out now.

Band or Artist Genre :

  • Metal
  • Heavy Metal
  • Stoner
  • Doom
  • Post hardcore
  • Punk
  • Grunge

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