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City : OSLO
State / Province : OSLO
Country : Norway

Bio :

JAGGU is a Norwegian/English powertrio formed in April 2018, by guitarist (Mario) and bassist (Asbear) from, Norway, and drummer (Nona) from England.
A Heavy Metal trip with many Doom saviours infused in a bath of Sludgy riffs.
Some call the sound Psychedelic Sludge, but no matter what cage you put this band in, they will rock your socks off.

Their debut album REVENANTIAN from 2019, is an epic 8 track concept album, loosely based on Japanese folklore, about a person escaping life, haunted by the female demon Hannya, in a forest known as “Sea Of Trees”.

The band is currently at the final stages of finishing their sophomore release, "Rites For The Damned".

The album is composed of 8 tracks. Based on the theme of the horrors in humanity's destructive nature; the machines of war, digging your own grave, enslavement, and the juxtaposed hope present in nature and the resilient world. This album contains some of their most personal lyrics from the members' private lives.

Band or Artist Genre :

  • Alternative
  • Hard Rock
  • Metal
  • Stoner

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