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City : Portland
State / Province : Oregon
Country : United States

Bio :

מזמור, or Mizmor, is a one-man heavy music exploration that began in 2012 as a way of processing the mental and spiritual anguish I, A.L.N., underwent through my loss of faith in Christianity. Over the course of the proceeding decade, I slowly changed from struggling Christian, to agnostic, and finally to atheist. During this evolution I used Mizmor, which means “psalm,” “prayer,” or “melody” in Hebrew, as a form of therapy. The songs literally started as prayers to God, grappling with doubt and depression, much like some of the darker chapters of the book of Psalms. After some time the songs became more existential - primal and innate musings about cause, purpose, self, and god (in a more universal sense). Eventually Mizmor became about the absence of god and the healing I’ve experienced through accepting this. Nowadays my songs are about consciousness, ideas, mankind, and the future to name a few things (and still depression and anxiety, which I continue to battle). Mizmor will always be about following the most reasonable path given the current evidence and processing grief through creating and sharing art so that others may be helped with similar struggles.

Mizmor appears live with the help of M.S.W., Andrew Black, and Nate Myers

Band or Artist Genre :

  • Metal
  • Black Metal
  • Doom

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