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Lipstick Stains

City : Memphis
State / Province : TN

Bio :

Punk rock started as a mode of rebellion and confrontation. It also started as a lot of loud noise. Memphis-based band Lipstick Stains are going to give you a dose of both. Dissonant, jarring, ferocious–the band barrels through explosive punk rock that does not shy away from a socio-political message, while also touching on mental health, addiction, self-esteem, and equality. Their sound evokes both hardcore vitriol and pop-punk sensibilities, all while led by the absolute force that is frontwoman Xanthe Mumm-Saucier. Her dynamic presence commands the stage (and sometimes the floor), relentlessly working the crowd with impassioned vocals and nonstop action. The four-piece have played with acts such as: Agent Orange, the Casualties, PEARS, Red City Radio, Keep Flying, Daikaiju, Gumm, and Thelma and the Sleaze. Lipstick Stains is scheduled to open for the legendary D.R.I. later this year. The group has traveled from St. Louis to New Orleans, Atlanta to San Antonio, and plenty of cities in between. They recently completed their 2023 Texas Takeover Tour and will be heading up the East Coast for their One Way Ticket to Nowhere Tour May-June 2023. Lipstick Stains is currently signed to Emotions False Records and is actively releasing new music. They are also proudly endorsed by Black Harbor Sound and Music Export Memphis, and sponsored by We Are Memphis. If you like your punk rock blaring and brash, then some Lipstick Stains is just what you need.

Band or Artist Genre :

  • Alternative
  • Punk
  • Grunge

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