At Black Harbor we are proud and honored to be working with some truly killer bands. Don’t just take our word for it, check out who’s rocking our strings.

Grizzly Run

City : Buffalo
State / Province : NY
Country : United States

Bio :

Formed in the fall of 2016, Grizzly Run has created a debut full length that carved out a sound all of their own. Blackwater was released on 12.13.19. and showcased all of the band’s influences in a chaotic yet cohesive LP. The album combines years of experience and an urge to create songs that tell a story and invoke emotion for the listener. The band are moving forward through this strained year with a reinvigorated passion for writing songs despite the current climate of the music industry. Look out for a new concept EP touching on the current duress from the pandemic to be out next year.

Band or Artist Genre :

  • Metal
  • Hardcore
  • Post hardcore
  • Djent

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